New Mixed Match – 1465-Bae Bashin’ Fun – Heather vs Dominic

Greetings Pro Wrestling Fans!

Our sassy blonde Bae Heather Monroe knows what to expect from perverse Dominic Kubrick, but is determined to show him that she is a contender.  Arrogance aplenty, Dominic is ready to prove that brawn will always overpower beauty in LGWs 1465-Bae Bashin’ Fun – Male dom Mixed Wrestling

1465-Bae Bashing Fun – Male Dom Mixed Wrestling

Heather Monroe vs Dominic Kubrick

Confident Female Pro Wrestler Heather Monroe is used to having to prove herself a contender in the ring.  And this match is no different.  She has faced off against fellow Pro Wrestlers Dominic Kubrick in the past and knows his rather perverse macabre manner of wrestling, and she will ot fall victim to him again!  She has been training, finds new confidence and is ready to make Dom tap out and call her Mami.  Dominic struts in, caressing his own muscles and states that beauty doesn’t make the wrestler, its all brawn baby!  The stage is set…Let’s wrestle! Ding Ding! They start off sizing each other up with some hold to hold, each reversing and going for the coveted supremacy in this match.  But soon brawn does prove to be mightier that beauty as Heather just cannot get the upper hand for more than a few seconds before Dom starts to domiinate her.  He toys with her mind & body, letting her lead the but soon tires of toying with her and her little submissions and sexy scissorholds and soon takes over once again, but this time he wants to push her to the limits and applies a back breaking Boston Crab that she is left begging and screaming for mercy!! But does he listen to her pleas or doe she just get off bringing the pain?  Download LGW’s 1465-Bae Bashing Fun – Male Dom Mixed Wrestling and find out!

Time Limit ~ 6 min   /   Format ~ MP4

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All matches are performed by trained professional wrestlers, 18 years & older and with the full consent of all fighters