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Watch out Jennifer, the Blonde Bae is back & wants a rematch in Bring It Bitch 2!

Hello Pro Wrestling Fans! Jennifer Thomas is determined to teach the rookie Heather Monroe just whose ring this really is!  She did it once before in the past, but now is the

Oh Damn! Heather & Cece make a wager! Its a Loser Leaves Town match!!

Greetings Wrestling Fans, Tonights main event fight is a battle between 2 fierce blonde bombshells – Heather Monroe vs Cece Chanel – as they fight for the same coveted booking.  They get

Heather Monroe is being bullied by Saucy Aussie in 1426-Battle of the Blondes!

Hello Wrestling Fans! Barefoot beauty Heather Monroe is back in the LGW ring and now must defend herself against the returning Saucy Aussie!  This is a true Battle of the Blondes as

Whose the Best? – Heather or Raul – Find out in 1445-Whose the Best? – Mixed Pro Wrestling!!

Hello Pro Wrestling Fans! This week we have that Blonde Bae Bombshell Heather Monroe taking on newcomer to LGW, Hunky Latino Raul Suave in a hard hitting, in your face Mixed Pro