Client Reviews

Here are some of the Client Reviews

From JX:

“I got the video, and pics. They are all good. And everything is very professional…from the pics to the video itself, and how you said this if for “JX” at the beginning, and e-mailing me everything to download withiin 24 hours, and even checking up with me too. The pics caught the action throughout the entire video. The video was good, and caught everything. You did everything I asked for in the script. I understand to make things make more sense you had to add a little more dialogue, and what you did actually made the video even better. So I say for my review, or input back to you…it was awesome. Thank you.

On a side note. This is the best custom match video, pics, and service I have ever seen. Your Lucha Girls is very good. Keep up the good business” – Review on Beware the Crotch Claw featuring Jezabel Romo vs Gia Primo


From CB:

“Jezabel and Lucky,

I would just like to say oh-my-f’n god.  

That was the best video I have ever seen, but it should be because I wrote the script, haha.

Seriously though, you two were beyond amazing.  You filled in the gaps that I left with my script perfectly.  Everything was above and beyond what I expected, and so much better than I had envisioned it.  I don’t know how you managed to make it even better, but I am 110 percent satisfied with this product.  

I am considering shortening my life for the simple fact that I know in my heart that I will never see  beauty in any form like that which is displayed on this video.  :-)I promise to be a long time fan of your site, and hope to help keep you in business for a long time to come.  You do so much for guys like myself, and I truly hope that you understand how much it means to me.  I only wish I lived closer to you so I could do a session sometime and help with your revenue.  If one or both of you are married or in a relationship, tell your man/woman to drop to their knees and thank god that they have you by their side, and most importantly to worship every moment that they have with you.  

Anyhow… keep up the good work, be safe and keep having fun, live each day to the fullest and I will contact you eventually for another custom request for sure!” – Review on Lucky’s Forced Foot Lovin’



“The wrestling in this is solid as usual. Lucha Girls gets true indy talent for their videos, including this one. So like all their matches the in-ring action is top notch as ever.” Review on “Mixed Wrestling Mayhem”