About Us

Jezabel-and-the-Champs Hi!  My name is Jezabel Romo.  I am the owner of Lucha Girls Wrestling. I not only own the company, but am also one of the wrestlers!

In 2009 I was released from my job and was at a loss what to do.  My husband and I are both pro wrestlers, but as many know its not easy making a living and paying the bills as an independent pro wrestler, but luckily we also own Santino Bros Wrestling Academy, the premiere professional wrestling school on the West Coast.  247582_1931681226193_1667157478_1899297_7324455_nWe still needed another way to supplement our income, and thanks to a fellow pro wrestler &  friend Jennifer Thomas, I found the way through the awesome world of entertainment wrestling, in other words I fell in love with customs and sessions!  She totally helped me out and showed me the ropes of how to get started as a fantasy wrestler.  With a ring at my disposal at any given time, I decided to take it one step further and start my own company, a female (and fellow wrestler) ran company, that the lovely ladies in this business can work for thru customs or feeling safe renting our indoor wrestling gym for sessions……and thus Lucha Girls Wrestling was born!

AboutOur main goal is to produce the best top notch professionally trained wrestling and catfighting anyone can offer!  We strive to bring you, the viewer, the hottest, most hard hitting, in your face wrestling around.  We use only pro trained male and female wrestlers in all of our action packed matches.