Jezabel Romo


Jezabel Romo

Height:  5 ft 0 in

Weight:  120lbs

Measurements:  36-30-38

Ethnicity:  French~ Mexican

Hometown:  Los Angeles, CA

Fighting Style:  Pro Wrestling, Catfight, Fetish, Piledriver Queen, Boxing

Debut January 2002

Trained by Misterioso

Wrestler managed kAos , Misterioso, Rey Misterio Sr, Psychosis, Damien 666 & Halloween, Aaron Aguilera, Los Bandidos, Lil Cholo, Joey Ryan

Signature moves JezaDriver, Stinkface, JezaDrop

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Jezabel is the owner of Lucha Girls Wrestling, as well as an active wrestler on the roster.  You can email her at

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JezabelJezabel’s story in this world of wrestling.

So I have been a wrestling fan on and off all my life..but never thought I would love it so much to be want to be part of the crazy carny world of wrestling.

I remember one night driving home from the gym and passed Birmingham High School and on the marquee it said XPW Pro Wrestling TONIGHT! I remember thinking, yeah whatever a wannabe wrestling company, never going to be like the WWF yes I said WWF, not WWE Sports Entertainment. Well a while later I went to a job interview for an adult production company, Extreme Associates. There I met the owner Rob Black who inquired if I like Pro Wrestling? I answered that yeah I like it and lo and behold he was the owner of Xtreme Pro Wrestling (XPW). So I laughed and told him about my drive by the high school story. Well needless to say I got the job and as a bonus got a shitload of merch. DVDs, 8X10s, T-Shirts, stickers etc..

So after I watched the DVDs with my mouth hangin open, I slammed the jaws shut and started work the following Monday. Now working at Extreme Assoc/XPW headquarters was quite an eye opener for this little church going Southern Baptist girl, but we wont go into details about all that craziness at this time The first independent wrestling show I went to was in May 2000 at the Grand Olympic Auditorium. IT was one of the best shows I have ever been to.a lot better than any WWF show I went to!!! I was hooked like Danny Bonaduce on crack!! So I became the merch girl at XPW and saw some insane shit.the shit those guys did in the ring was just amazing and quite ballsy!! Honestly, it left me speechless!! I was in awe that these guys (& chicks) loved this sport so much that they shed blood (lots of it), sweat and tears for this sport. They got set ablaze, took 40 ft falls, came home in wheelchairs, and just put their bodies through stuff I thought impossible..tables, chairs, thumbtacks, barbwire, light tubes you name it and they probably brutalized each other with it. It was love at first sight. Jezabel-2

So I worked my way up and eventually out of EA/XPW and was pretty bummed out. I felt like I got kicked out of my family! So after spending a couple of months doing some very stupid shit like drugs and other shit, I got another job doing mail order for another adult company, after a bit the millionaire owner got bored and gave me the company hell yea!! And also I found out that there was other independent wrestling companies life was good!!

So I found Revolution Pro Wrestling, a promotion and school in City of Industry. I started training to be a pro wrestler! I was downright giddy God Dammit!! I mean hell yeah, I owned my own company, worked out of my house and was going to be a pro wrestler!! Life just couldn’t get better than that!! I debuted at in San Francisco in January 2001 as a valet. I loved it..I started working shows for RevPro and AWS as a valet and eventually a manager.

By then I was basically working to feed my wrestling habit, and had bookings pretty much every weekend. I did a few early Lucha Vavoom shows and met a few luchadors, one of them being Misterioso. I later saw him again at a AWS show. After talking to him some more, I started training with him and was booked down at a Tijuana Mexico! Now that was nerve racking enough, but when we get to there, I found out that we were in the main event. So here I was, less than a year in the business and in the main event on TJ…..Oh Hell Yeah!!……with guys like Super Parka, Mil Mascaras and a few others sadly I cant name. It was a night I will never forget!!! The fans in Mexico are so much more into the matches then the smart marks that tend to go to LA shows. They are so into the matches there that they even involve themselves in the match if they dont like you, so much so that I was punched, pinched and had my hair pulled a hell of a lot more than I anticipated in that match! God I love being a heel/rudos! But the best part of that night was Mil Mascaras walking up to me in the back and shaking my hand telling me that I did a great job! Later I found out that Mil Mascaras never compliments people let alone a girl.

JezabelSL3So I worked as Misteriosos valet for quite some time, much to the dismay of his wife, she hated me!! While we trained she would usually be giving me the if looks could kill expression while she was punching and kicking the heavy bag outside the ring. Good Times.well needless to say I kinda got burned out on spending every weekend with a woman who hated me.we were doing 2-3 shows a weekend kinda went my own way.

So I basically grabbed what bookings I could, then kinda took a break for a bit from the scene. I eventually got the itch back and was doing a few shows here and there, when a friend of mine from XPW, Joey Kaos started putting a show together. Him and his tag team partner Mongol had started a company called Full Contact Wrestling. They had a big time sponser and were going to run a show at the Grand Olympic Auditorium man I wanted on that show!! I gave him a call and he said he wasn’t sure what the card was yet. Later I found out that he didnt think I was ready to be on his show, but after the ever increasing pressure from our mutual friend (and his manager at XPW) Veronica he relented and I was booked!!! I love VC , she can be a ballbuster when she sets her mind to it.Thank God!! So up until the night of the show, I was not sure what I was going to be doing, or who I was going to be valeting for. So I get to the venue, excited as a virgin on her wedding night, and find out that I am valeting for Los Dynamitas, a lucha team of brothers from Mexico. Oh shit being a white Mexican who cant say more than No queso when ordering a hamburger from McDonalds, the language was going to be a bit of a problem for me since they only spoke Spanish and I only spoke English, but fuck it the show must go on right? At the last minute it changed. Now I was going to valet for their opponents, Mexico’s Most Wanted, the team of Halloween, Damien 666 & Rey Misterio Sr. I knew all of them from previous shows I had been on and they all spoke English.yeah! So the show starts, its our turn to go to the ring and I will never forget how I felt when we came through the curtain and were standing on the entrance ramp! Everywhere I looked there was a sea of faces, screaming and cheering. I have always wanted to work the Grand Olympic ever since the XPW days. I was in awe! So the match was a great success!! We had a few more shows after that at the Grand Olympic and the Forum, and some damn good memories of the show and after parties! I saw a lot of people I hadn’t seen in a while. And better yet, things started with Joey and over 4 years later, we are still together. But this isn’t a love story so on with the tale! unnamed (2)

Unfortunately, the fat man with the money was starting to get a big head and think that he knew all there was about running a show. And he kept trying to throw his son (another wrestler) a bone and make him a star. Yeah that doesn’t work to well when the guy was still a greenhorn in the biz. You can only buy yourself so much of a free ride with daddy’s money before you start becoming a joke in the locker room. So needless to say, the Santino Bros walked away from that bullshit and the real FCW was kaput! The Fat Man and his son still run shows under the FCW name, but nowhere near the caliber that they debuted at when Santino Bros were apart of it.
After this, things kinda of went downhill for me for a bit. I fucked up my life, lost my business, car, house etc..yeah kids, cocaine is bad!!! But the worst loss I think I suffered during that time was the loss of a great friend and mentor.Darren Dynamite D McMillan. He was my first trainer, (in other words, the first one who had the patience to train my uncoordinated ass) and just an all around great guy. While going thru all the other bullshit and being homeless, I got the call that he had cancer and had passed due to complications. If I didnt have Joey there I think I would have lost it. But eventually, with Joeys help, I got back on my feet never will I forget D and the swimming pool shin digs on Sundays. Keep the Dream Alive! unnamed (1)

Eventually, Joey and Mongol started a pro wrestling school, Santino Bros Wrestling Academy in Norwalk, CA. I started training when the school opened with the rest of the class, but soon realized that you have to know your role in this business, and mine was never going to be as a pro wrestler! But as a manager I think I can hold my own.and like Johnny Valentine once said, I cant make them believe wrestling is real, but I can sure as hell make them believe I am! So now I am the Admissions Director, house mama and manager in the ring. Currently I am managing a young up and comer by the name of Famous B! Be on the look out for that one.

Its been a lot of hard work, but as the school grew, more of the boys jumped aboard. So now the instructors are guys I met from growing up in the biz. Guys like Rico Dynamite, Robby Phoenix, BC Killer, Angel & Supreme! Yeah we are definitely a motley crew,we get more than our fair share of haters & shit talkers, but hate us or love us, Santino Bros Wrestling is here to stay.