Jezabel goes on the attack in 1486-Assault of Athena – Female Wrestling!!!

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In the latest release at LGW, newcomer to the wrestling scene, Athena Law thinks her word and opinions are the new law around the ring.  Older & wiser veteran Jezabel Romo is about to break Athenas law and her precious petite body in 1486-Assault of Athena – Female Wrestling.

1486-Assault of Athena Law – Female Wrestling

Jezabel Romo vs Athena Law

Jezabel Romo hears through the grapevine that Athena Law some lil chit from NorCal has been on the wrestling circuit for maybe a minute, thinks she is the hottest thing that has ever entered the ring.  Now if Jezabel hears this trash talking all the way down in So Cal, she thinks its time to challenge this sassy little bitch and see if her wrestling prowess is as inflated as her cocky little ego! She makes the trip to challenge this fame hungry lightweight little twit in her very own ring.  Athena has the audacity to call Jezabel a washed up old bitch, which just amuses Jezabel who is about to show this entitled youngster just why her millennial generation could never hang and bang with the older, wiser and more experienced chicas of customs wrestling. They are just too self entitled and think that just because they wish it on social media that everything will work out the way they want it.  Jezabel is about to show Athena that sometimes life doesn’t happen that way. Sometimes it gives you a swift kick in the ass…and that is just what Jezabel is going to do. Kick her tiny little ass and give her a that she will not soon forget! Jezabel takes charge and soon Athena is domiinated all over the damn ring…crotch attacks, kicks, stomps and breathtaking body and head scissors and just about anything and everything Jezabel can think of to teach this saucy lil cunt that life is a real vengeful and unfair bitch and so is Jezabel!  Download LGW’s 1486-Assault of Athena Law – Female Wrestling and watch the comeuppance of a naughty youngling who is about to learn that life is just not sunshine and getting your own way!

Time Limit ~ 11 min Format ~ MP4

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All matches are performed by trained professional wrestlers, 18 years & older and with the full consent of all fighters

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