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Q & A with Lucha Girl – Jolene Hexx

Hello Beautiful People~ With thoughts of continuing our introductions of our Lucha Girls talent, we bring you sultry blonde bombshell Jolene Hexx. She has only worked with Lucha Girls once before in

That Big Booty Babe Savannah Fox is coming to LGW on April 1!

Hello Sexy People! You heard that right! Savannah Fox is coming back to Lucha Girls Wrestling – a first since 2014!!! And this hot babe is ready to wrestle just for you!

July 22 – Lucha Girls goes Pro….Wrestling that is!

Howdy Beautiful People! Today is is an amazing day! The birds are singing, the sky is blue and its just a good fucking day! BUT, I realized that I have just been

Carmen and Dick battle for Ring Rights in a Mixed Wrestling match!!

Hello Mixed Wrestling Fans! In this world where everyone feels they are entitled to any fucking thing they want, we come across Carmen and Dick.  They both feel entitled to the ring,