Heather wants a Rematch! What Heather wants she Brutally Gets!!!

Hey Mixed Wrestling Fans!

Blonde Bae Bombshell Heather Monroe wants another shot at Dominic Kubrick and this time is determined to get some payback for the body breaking Boston Crab she tapped out to in the previous match.  Dom perversely accepts this challenge and can’t wait to get his hands on Ms Monroe once again in LGWs 1456-Bae Bashing Fun 2 – The Rematch!  Check it out.

1456-Bae Bashing Bashing Fun 2 – The Rematch!

Heather Monroe vs Dominic Kubrick

Blonde Bae Bombshell Heather Monroe still can’t get over her loss, well the annihilation actually, she suffered at the hands of Dominic Kubrick (see 1465-Bae Bashing Fun – Male dom Mixed Wrestling).  Normally Ms Monroe is a strong, confident pro wrestler, but the last match with Dom is making her feel more like a sexy kitten catfighter and she wants justice dammit!  She challenges him to another bout and this time she will gain her confidence back…or will she?  Dominic gladly accepts her challenge.  He takes great pleasure in bringing the perverse body bending pain to this sexy blonde bitch.  And he plans on taking his macabre fetish even further and testing her body’s flexibility once again.  The match starts off with some basic hold to hold, yet Dom seems to stay one step ahead through each transition and just toys with Heather’s mind and body.  She struggles to keep up, yet Dom stays superior to Heather’s holds.  Dom minds fucks her and lets her think she has the upperhand, liking the way she manhandles him.  Heather does’nt realize that Dom likes the pain, its actually a bit of a turn on for him, but he loves body Heathers sweet toned body.  He is loving this fight!  And soon, gets so excited to bend her body that he delivers an in your face bronco buster to weaken her and immediately bends her like a soft pretzel into the most excruciating painful boston crab until she begs and moans for him to stop.  But is he finished or does her screams of agony just turn him on more?  Find out in LGWs 1456-Bae Bashing Fun 2 – The Rematch and watch how it all goes down!

Time Limit ~ 6 min  /  Format ~ MP4

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All matches are performed by trained professional wrestlers, 18 years & older and with the full consent of all fighters