1675-Masked Man vs Jezabel – Crotch Annihilation

1675-Masked Man vs Jezabel – Crotch Annihilation

Jezabel is expecting to meet her date at the gym, instead she encounters Masked Man and his love of cunt in LGWs 1675-Masked Man vs Jezabel – Crotch Annihilation

Featuring Jezabel Romo vs Masked Man

This night is the beginning of Jezabels nightmare, she is set up on a blind date by one her “best friends” instead she seems to have been lied to and manipulated into a one sided cunt terrifying encounter with the devious and woman hating Masked Man.  He seems to real lust/hate for Jezabel as he takes turns between his torturous attack on her vulnerable crotch and fondling and groping of her body.  Her traitorous body loves the pleasure of his rough touch, but with pleasure comes pain.  And Jezabel is in emotional and physical turmoil because of this mindfucking Masked Man and his pro wrestling style annihilation.  Buy Lucha Girls Wrestlings1675-Masked Man vs Jezabel – Crotch Annihilation

Time Limit ~ 18 min

Format ~ MP4

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