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Carmen and Dick battle for Ring Rights in a Mixed Wrestling match!!

Hello Mixed Wrestling Fans! In this world where everyone feels they are entitled to any fucking thing they want, we come across Carmen and Dick.  They both feel entitled to the ring,

Heather Monroe is being bullied by Saucy Aussie in 1426-Battle of the Blondes!

Hello Wrestling Fans! Barefoot beauty Heather Monroe is back in the LGW ring and now must defend herself against the returning Saucy Aussie!  This is a true Battle of the Blondes as

Jennifer meets more than her match facing Masked Man in 1436-Don’t Mess with the Masked Man! – Mixed Pro Wrestling

Hello Mixed Wrestling Fans, The pandemic still rages but so does the temperament of Masked Man.  He hasn’t been in the ring in months and can’t take one more docile day.  His

Jezabel gets Piledriven and Beat down by a Masked Man in 1440-Piledriver Humiliation

Hello Wrestling Fans! Jezabel is back with a brand new championship belt and a brand new cocky confidence that infuriates a rejected Masked Man.  She is in for the most humiliating beat