Women Wrestle Too!

Women Wrestle Too! – Jennifer Thomas vs Bad Dude 
featuring Jennifer Thomas vs Bad Dude – Arrogant Bad Dude does not think women belong in his wrestling ring nor take wrestling serious! His main purpose at Lucha Girls is to beat down every woman wrestler. He now faces the legendary muscled beauty Jennifer Thomas, and this girl takes anything to do with wrestling and her tanned toned figure seriously! He starts in right at the beginning, trying to intimidate Jennifer with push ups, she shows him she is just as good as he is….this only infuriates Bad Dude and the match starts with a club to the back to end Jennifers beautiful form in push up position. But Jennifer was expecting this and soon takes over and shows this Bad Dude that a woman knows how to wrestle…pro style or painful body stretching submissions. She really dominates this muscular wrestler in ways he probably never expected to be dominated in! This match is for the serious minded wrestling fan, this is no fluff piece of Mixed Wrestling ladies and gentleman. This is a serious no nonsense bout, but does Jennifer this massive ego in the end? Buy Women Wrestle Too! and find out!
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The Standoff – Jennifer Thomas vs Bad Dude


Jennifer shows that she can do pushups, Bad Dude shows he can stomp a girl when she is down!


Bad Dude manhandles poor Jennifer Thomas!


Jennifer takes over and shows that Women can wrestle too!


Now thats an impressive Headscissor, much to Bad Dudes dismay!

Both Jennifer Thomas & Bad Dude are available for customs and sessions wrestling.  Both are trained Professional Wrestlers and can fulfill any of your wrestling fantasies!  For booking info, please email us at Info@LuchaGirls.com   Subject Line – Book a Match