New release – 1491-Guess the Stinkface – A big booty Challenge

Hello LGW fans!

Do you like watching girls with big butts?  Do you love watching girls give each stinkfaces?  Then this video is just for you! Jezabel, Carmen and Vivi play a game called Guess the Stinkface? In LGWs 1491-Guess the Sinkface – A Big Booty Challenge.

1491-Guess the Stinkface – A Big Booty Challenge

Jezabel Romo vs Carmen Valentina vs Vivi Veracruz

It’s late in the afternoon and our sexy fighters – Jezabel, Carmen and Vivi – just had an intense and sweaty workout.  But there is still an open ring left at their disposal before there reserved ring time is up. They see that someone left there bejeweled head band and decide to have fun with the rest of their precious gym time.  Jezabel suggests that they play a game from her younger days… Guess the Stinkface. Each girl gets blindfolded and has to guess whose big jiggly ass in giving them a nose between the buttcheeks stinkface? These sexy, sweaty and fetishy girls decide to have 3 sessions of guessing the stinkface.  The stakes get higher with each round. If you guess wrong, you have to do whatever punishment the stinker thinks is suitable. And each session, these sexy bitches strip down from clothed to topless in thongs to full nude for the last round! If you ever wondered what girls do when they are feeling silly, this is it – the ultimate stinkface contest!  If you love stinkfaces by sassy sirens then this video is for you! Download LGW’s Guess the Stinkface – a Big Booty Challenge now and witness these chicas and their amusing ass play antics!

Time Limit ~ 11 min Format ~ MP4

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All matches are performed by trained professional performers, 18 years & older and with the full consent of all performers