New Piledriver Match – Carmen gets piledriven by Queen Jennifer!

Hello Piledriver Lovers!

Carmens sassy ass thinks she has what it takes to beat this old hag aka Jennifer Thomas, reigning Piledriver Queen and challenges her to a match.  Jennifer decides its time to teach this rookie a piledriving lesson she will never forget in LGW’s 1410-Long Live the Piledriver Queen – Female Wrestling.

1410-Long Live the Piledriver Queen! – Female Wrestling

Queen Jennifer Thomas vs Carmen Valentina

Sale Price – $10.00

Piledriver Queen Jennifer Thomas is in the ring, getting her work out on.  She isn’t bothering anyone, when suddenly wrestling rookie Carmen Valentina enters the ring to rudely interrupt Jennifer and demand she get her old ass out of the ring!  Jennifer, unused to people speaking harshly to her, is baffled and asks what Carmen is talking about?  Carmen says Jennifer and Jezabel, the LGW owner, need to retire their old asses and leave the sexy wrestling to the not so aged ladies now.  Jennifer will be damned if she is going to let this little overconfident inexperienced bitch get away with this!  She even goes as far as ton regally tell this lil bitch that she is in the presence of greatness, the Piledriver Queen herself and explains how she is going to piledrive the fuck out of her disrespectful ass.  Carmen offers a good sportsman-like handshake which Jennifer accepts, or does she?  She goes on the attack with a kick to the belly and really starts to teach this lil creampuff a lesson.  Using her muscular thighs she squeezes poor Carmen and outshines this rookie slut!  But Carmen isn’t as rookie-ish as Jennifer thought and gets the pin.  But Carmen isn’t done, she wants to fight dammit! Jennifer is stunned and gets to her feet, what the fuck is going on with this novice bitch?  She starts with a test of strength and brutally takes over, giving Carmen some heat.  This match contains alot of Jennifer down, scissoring, squeezing and even introducing Carmen to the brain piledriver, not just once I might add.  But Carmen can take a and keeps up the verbal blatant disregard to the rookie, or at least as long as she can take the punishment from the Queen of Piledrivers!  If you love watching fantasy female wrestling, then download LGW’s 1410-Long Live the Piledriver Queen! – Female Wrestling and witness the reigning Queen do what she does best… down the rookies! With Bonus footage of Carmen learning how to take piledrivers!

Time Limit ~ 12 min  /  Format ~ MP4

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All matches fully scripted and are performed by trained professionals, 18 years & older and with the full consent of all fighters and in compliance of 18 U.S.C. § 2257 regulations

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