Mixed Submission Madness

featuring Jezabel Romo vs the Masked Man ~ Jezabel has been trying to get back into ring shape and arranges a mixed submission match. The Masked Man, a woman hating, love to dominate type of old school grappler is her longtime nemesis and opponent in this match. This is a mixed submission grappling match – if you like watching men vs woman in a legit grappling mat wrestling style of match, this is the match for you! He may be bigger and stronger than sexy bikini clad Latina Jezabel, but can he match her temper and her powerful thick thighs that can wrap arounds its preys head and squeeze the life out of their victim? So grab a cold drink, sit back and watch the mayhem of Mixed Submission Madness
FULL Match available at http://clips4sale.com/64431/12896962

Prematch standoff……ding ding!


Jezabel gets caught in a breathtaking bodyscissor!


The Masked Man getting off on torturing his victim Jezabel!


Jezabel attempts to headscissor the Masked Man, but his strength is no match for her!


Tired & weakened, Jezabel tries to lock in a headscissor on the Masked Man!

Jezabel Romo & the Masked Man are pro trained wrestlers.  Do you have your own Mixed match you want to see?  Be the booker and we can make your match a reality!  Email Info@LuchaGirls.com for details!