Jezabel Welcomes back an UnLucky Crystal Clark to wrestling – Beat Down Style!

Hello Wrestling Fans!

Lucky OShea is back under a new name and new attitude….introducing Crystal Clark.  Jezabel hears she is back and has some unfinished business with our sassy Irish Lass in LGW’s 1431-Welcome Back UnLucky Bitch!

1431-Welcome Back UnLucky Bitch! 

Crystal Clark vs Jezabel Romo

Years ago, there was a most popular wrestler on the fantasy wrestling scene named Lucky OShea, she was the most sought after, desirable fighter around.  But then she just up and retired, never to be heard or seen again.  Until now, that is.  She is back, though now this chick is named Crystal Clark.  She thinks she can just saunter back into the wrestling world with no problems.  Latina tempered cougar Jezabel Romo hears through the rumor mill that Crystal is back and Jezabel is furious!  How dare this lil chit think she can just mount a comeback and not have to answer to anyone?  Like it is Crystal’s world and we just live in it!  Fuck that!  Jezabel thinks its time to pay this bitch a house call and demand an explanation!  She is the one who trained Lucky in wrestling after all and feels that Crystal aka Lucky owes her!  Well the meeting goes down just like we all thought it would.  Jezabel attacks the poor girl who is just lounging on her couch in a pair of panties and a tank top!  Crystal doesn’t know what hit her as Jezabel (wo)man handles her all over her living room floor.  Jezabel is enraged and attacks any and every body part she can find.  kicks, stomps and claws to the crotch!  Fish hooks to her poor stretched open mouth and more!  Jezabel is on a rampage and Crystal is the unlucky victim in LGW’s 1431-Welcome Back UnLucky Bitch!  Download now and watch all the action!  Do you think Crystal is ready for a comeback or should she just hide in her house and stay away from Jezabels world of wrestling?

Time Limit ~ 10 min  / Format ~ MP4

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All matches are performed by trained professional wrestlers, 18 years & older and with the full consent of all fighters