Crystal & Jezabel fight for their Stinkface rights!

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Crystal is back and once again her mouth is getting her in trouble!  Jezabel overhears Crystals Return to the Ring rant and is ready to welcome Crystal back to the ring…. Lucha Girls style in LGW’s 1380-For the Love of Stinkface – Fantasy Wrestling

1380-For the Love of Stinkface – Fantasy Wrestling

Jezabel Romo vs Crystal Clark

Sale Price – $13.99

Sassy Irish Lass Crystal Clark (formerly Lucky OShea) has been out of the ring for quite a few years, but she is back and ready to claim her spot at Lucha Girls.  Back in the day she was the most sought after Lucha GIrl and she wants her popularity back dammit!  She is in the ring and feeling quite over confident and cocky in return to the ring speech.  Stating that Jezabel just needs to retire and get her old ass out of the ring.  Well of course Jezabel overhears this little bitch in the middle of her rant and goes on the attack.  She is determined to prove to this entitled bitch that she is still in her ass kicking age and not as old as Crystal thinks.  She striked Crystal with stomps, strikes and more. She soon shows Crystal that she may be older, but can still handle the younger bitches in this ring.  Crystal realizes that its going to take alot more than a verbal berating to stop Jezabels old bitter Latina ass from overpowering her.  To welcome Crystal back to the ring, Jezabel proceeds to beat her returning ass all over the ring.  But what better way to prove her prowess than to bring as much pain to Crystals sexy little mom bod as she can muster in her old age!  But Crystal isn’t a weeping lil woman, she remembers what a tough bitch she used to be and as soon as she can overcome Jezabels Bronco buster, she pays the old bitch back with a deep nose diving stinkface….one of Jezabels most hated moves to be on the back end of, if you know what I mean!  She is left trying to catch her air and gagging viciously!  But Crystal is not done yet and shoves her ass all over Jezabels gagging face once again.  Now Jezabel is seriously losing her mind and now its time for Crystal to pay the price of humiliating our Latina cougar!  She is going to make sure that Crystal never forgets her overconfident mistake of calling her out!  Download LGW’s 1380-For the Love of Stinkface and watch all the action! 

Time Limit ~ 13 min / Format ~ MP4

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