Bad Dude’s Plaything

Featuring Allie Parker ~vs~ Bad Dude! – Allie just doesn’t know when to admit defeat and this match is no different. She has fought Bad Dude on numerous occasions in the past and after getting some outside training, thinks (and has false confidence) that she can finally gain a victory over the arrogant Bad Dude! They take it to the good old fashioned mat and in typical Bad Dude fashion, he starts to manhandle her from the git go. She tries to keep up a good natured front, but by then end, after he has her seeing stars from various and back breaking submissions, her emotions turn and she is just plain pissed off! Poor Allie, your too cute and sexy to play with the big boys, as once again demonstrated in Bad Dude’s Plaything – Mat Wrestling
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Bad Dude turns the over confident Allie Parker into his mat toy in Bad Dude’s Plaything!! Mixed Mat Wrestling!