Who wants Piledrivers? We have them in 1435-I’m the Piledriver Queen Bitch!

Hello Wrestling Fans!

Today is the day that Jennifer wants her redemption for the countless piledrivers Jezabel has given her in the past.  Today is the day to fight for the title of Queen of the Piledrivers in LGW’s 1435-I’m the Piledriver Queen Bitch – Female Pro Wrestling.

1435-I’m the Piledriver Queen Bitch! – Female Pro Wrestling

Jezabel Romo vs Jennifer Thomas

Its been years since Jennifer and Jezabel have met in the ring for a piledriver match.  Jezabel is the reigning Queen of Piledrivers and Jennifer has never forgotten this loss to this latina bitch.  She sees Jezabel in the ring and decides today is the day to challenge her for her coveted title.  Jezabel smirks at this challenge and states that she doesn’t do piledriver matches anymore.  She has given Jennifer too many piledrivers to count and thinks Jennifer may have bashed her head one time too many to be this cocky about a match from years ago.  But Jennifer is adamant, she wants this fucking match and she wants it right fucking now!  Jezabel finally relents and this match is on!  This is a classic pro wrestling match with multiple piledrivers!  Both girls are determined to win, both girls get hit with piledrivers, but there can only be one Piledriver Queen!  Who do think deserves this coveted crown? Jezabel the old school asskicker or Jennifer the sexy brawler who can’t let go of the fact that Jezabel has given her numerous head bashing piledrivers?  Download LGW’s 1435-I’m the Piledriver Queen Bitch!  & find out!!

Time Limit ~ 10 min  / Format ~ MP4

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All matches are performed by trained professional wrestlers, 18 years & older and with the full consent of all fighters

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