What Match? Crotch Match!

What Match? Crotch Match! …..Bitch!

featuring Jezabel Romo vs Allie Parker ~ Jezabel Romo is the owner of Lucha Girls Wrestling and Allie Parker is a contracted fighter that has lost her Lucha Girl smile! Now Jezabel being the vindictive bitch that she is, decides Allie needs to be humbled a bit and books Allie and herself in a Lucha Girls specialty match….a crotch humiliation match! Poor Allie does not know what she is in for! Jezabel loves to crush the younger girls spirit and crotch, in this case with all the destruction she can think of ……stomps, kicks, clutches, slaps, with a pipe and anything else to brutalize any vulnerable tender cunt! Watch Lucha Girls Wrestlings What Match? Crotch Match Bitch” and watch the painful attack of Allies special lady place!

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Both Jezabel Romo and Allie Parker and willing and available to fulfill all of your pro wrestling fantasies! Booking your match is easy! Simply email Lucha Girls at Info@LuchaGirls.com and let us bring your dream match to reality!