What fan are you? Pro Style or MMA – Pro Wrestler Jennifer takes on MMA Fighter Riley Reyes

Hello Sports Fans,

Today we bring the best of both MMA and Pro Wrestling as the fight styles collide in the LGW ring.  Pornstar and MMA practitioner Riley Reyes goes toe to toe with Sexy Charismatic Pro Wrestler Jennifer Thomas in LGWs 1450-Bitch Brawls 2 – Pro vs MMA.  Check it out

1450-Bitch Brawls 2 – Pro vs MMA

Riley Reyes vs Jennifer Thomas

In today’s world you have 2 types of people, those who think Mixed Martial Arts is the best form of fight and those who prefer the sports entertainment of Professional Wrestling.  And in the ring, we have 2 hot sexy competitive women who are ready to prove their chosen sport is the best.  Pornstar and active MMA practitioner Riley Reyes is going toe to toe with Ms Jennifer Thomas, the muscular beauty known in the Pro Wrestling world.  The meet in the ring and automatically Riley, clad in a form fitting rash guard and workout shorts, has something to say to the more sexy & flashy pro style gear of Jennifer.  What she sees as cocky, Jennifer states is not cocky, just confidence in the ring and her abilities.  The match starts and automatically Riley grabs Jennifer and takes her down.  But like any good pro wrestler, Jennifer can handle herself standing or on the ground and easily conforms to Rileys style.  Now everyone assumes that Riley will take this win, as she is taller and has the experience of an MMA fighter.  But Jennifer isn’t’ one to take a loss laying down on her back.  She is one feisty bitch as she loves to challenge herself in the ring.  She may be a pro wrestling “performer” but she ain’t no wilting flower.  She is ready to prove that not all pro wrestling is choreographed and fake.  It does take art, skill and passion to be a true wrestler and Jennifer has been known to kick ass whether its predetermined or not!  Riley may not have the charisma of a pro wrestling character, but she does have the skill and pain tolerance giving her the competitive edge.  Who do you think will take the win?  The blonde MMA bombshell or the glamorous attention grabbing pro wrestler?  Download LGW’s 1450-Bitch Brawls # 2 – Pro vs MMA and find out!

Time Limit ~ 7 min  /  Format ~ MP4

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All matches are performed by trained professional wrestlers, 18 years & older and with the full consent of all fighters