Welcome To My Wrestling Reality

Welcome To My Wrestling Reality

featuring Jennifer Thomas vs Trina Michaels ~ Trina loves female wrestling and is trying to get her foot in the door. Jennifer Thomas is one of her favorite wrestlers and now she has a chance to be in the ring with her for one of her first matches!! Oh Yay!! Jennifer on the otherhand is not amused with being called out to the ring by the likes of the ex-pornstar Trina and it shows right from the beginning. Jennifer goes right after Trina when Jennifer steps in the ring. Very few words are spoken before Jennifer attacks Trina, lifting her and overpowering her, slamming her brutally into the corner. After a round of belly punches, she decides to break this porn bitch with body slams, chops to her chest and more severity than poor Trina was expecting in what she thought was a friendly training match! Jennifer finishes off Trina with a body swueezing bear hug. The match is over and Jennifer poses with a cocky Victory pose over Trinas bikini clad body.But Trina is not down and out yet, when Jennifer turns her back, Trina attacks, hammering Jennifers belly and abs until Jennifer can barely stand…finshing her off with a bodacious big boob body pin…..maybe Jennifer shouldn’t have been so cocky! Watch Lucha Girls “Welcome to My Wrestling Reality” and see how tough a former pornstar can really be!

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