Wedgie Lovers -This match is for You! 1481-Fightin Dirty – LowBlows and Wedgies!!!

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Today Jezabel is going to terrorize poor Vulcana with crotch attacks and wedgies, but does Vulcana take the abuse or does she turn the tables and  give Jezabel a taste of her own bitter medicine? Watch 1481-Fightin Dirty – Low Blows and Wedgie Wrestling and find out.

1480-Fightin’ Dirty – Low Blows and Wedgie Wrestling

Jezabel Romo vs Vulcana

Jezabel is in a mood today…….and does’nt want to deal with anyone or their drama today.  Vulcana is in a “lets wrestle” mood and wants to wrestle Jezabel. The first thing Jezabel notices about this masked bitch is that she is wearing the same damn outfit, a 1 piece thong leotard with thigh high athletic socks, its a different color, but still the same friggin’ outfit.  And right now Jezabel just wants to beat a bitch down and fightin’ dirty is what’s in order for today! Vulcana naively thinks that this will be a fair match…until Jezabel strikes first with a low blow right to Vulcanas unsuspecting pussy! But Jezabel is not done yet, she starts to giving Vulcana a wedgie that damn near rips the skin between the cheeks.  Jezabel is quite enjoying herself, going after and dominat1ng the poor masked girl. But Vulcana is now withering daisy and has had enough of Jezabel and her vindictiveness and starts to deliver the same devious tactics and turning the tables of Jezabel. She goes after Jezabel with a vengeance, determined to give Jezabel a taste of her own medicine. Jezabel is not used to her prey putting her on the defensive and tries to escape the ring, but Vulcana is just getting started and flips Jezabel over the ropes for some painful wedgies and crotch .  This match has beautiful thong leotard clad chicas that are both determined to reign supreme over the other. But alas, there can only be one winner, who do you think will win this match? Download LGWs 1480-Fightin’ Dirty – Low Blows and Wedgie Wrestling and find out!

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All matches are performed by trained professional wrestlers, 18 years & older and with the full consent of all fighters

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