Watch out Jennifer, the Blonde Bae is back & wants a rematch in Bring It Bitch 2!

Hello Pro Wrestling Fans!

Jennifer Thomas is determined to teach the rookie Heather Monroe just whose ring this really is!  She did it once before in the past, but now is the time for 1401-Bring It Bitch 2 – The Rematch!  If you love women’s pro wrestling then this is the match for you!

1401-Bring It Bitch 2 – the Rematch

Jennifer Thomas vs Heather Monroe

Sweet naive Blonde Bae Heather Monroe is so excited that she gets to wrestle Jennifer Thomas…again.  Things didn’t go so well for her the first time round, but she’s got more training in and what she thinks is more experience, making her think that she is up to Jennifers caliber.  All she really wants is Jennifer’s respect after all, that can’t be too hard….can it?  Jennifer saunters into the ring and greets Heather with the poise and cockiness of a veteran.  They start in what appears to be a pretty even match.  Jennifer is taken aback by the new confidence in Heather and her new ring prowess.  They back and forth in some traditional hold to hold, trying to size one another up.  Everytime Jennifer thinks she has the upperhand, Heather surprises her with a reversal.  But soon Jennifer gets tired of Heather’s athletic baby face tactics and the heel bitch really starts to come out of Jennifer.  She starts (wo)manhandling Heather all over the ring with stomps, belly punches, strikes and more.  But Heather is no withering little flower, this blonde bae fights back, determined to win and gain respect in this damn business.  But Jennifer is not fucking having it today and really lets Heather have it!  She decides to play with Heather’s milky white skin and starts a chop fest that Heather is just too willing to play.  Now Jennifer is really done playing with this lil blonde Barbie doll and puts her through a series of painful submissions, bearhugs & just Heather down all over the damn ring! But Heather is a survivor and her passion and craving to win really shines through.  Do you think Heather has what it takes to survive and possibly win this match?  Or do you think that Jennifer will always reign supreme in the Lucha Girls ring?  Download LGW”s 1401-Bring It Bitch 2 – The Rematch and find out!

Time Limit ~ 16 min  /  Format ~ MP4

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