Vulcana is back. Jen T wants a piece of her in 1441-Pro Wrestler – I Think NOT!!!

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The Masked Luchadora Vulcana showed up and is demanding a match with one of these fluff piece fighters who call themselves pro wrestlers.  Fantasy Wrestler answers this challenge, but is she “Pro” enough to compete against this hot tempered Luchadora?  Find out in LGWs 1441-ProWrestler – I Think NOT!! – Female Pro Wrestling

1441-Pro Wrestler – I Think NOT!! – Female Pro Wrestling

Vulcana vs Jennifer Thomas

Hot tempered masked Luchadora Vulcana has worked hard to gain the success and respect of the wrestling world.  And her biggest complaint is all these damn bikini clad “Fantasy Wrestlers” who call themselves pro wrestlers simply because they know a few moves and can roll around in the ring.  It is her biggest bad mood trigger.  She is overheard by such a wrestler named Jennifer Thomas.  Not Ms Thomas is not only a sexy muscular fitness model type of wrestler, but she is also a leader and motivator of Fantasy Wrestling.  Give her a bikini or sexy lingerie and she will give you a match you won’t soon forget or fantasize about.  She wanders over to the ring and just amusingly listens to Vulcana’s judgmental rant.  She decides she has heard enough and confronts Vulcana.  She tries to go on the attack, but Vulcana just is not selling for her nonsense.  She thinks its time to show this sexy bitch a lesson she won’t soon forget!  She starts laying into Jennifer and beats her all over the ring!  Strikes, kicks, breathtaking boots and more!  But she is just getting started in showing Jennifer a wrestling reality!  She clothesline, stomps and starts applying some serious body submission holds. All the while verbally taunting the poor fantasy fighter!  She tries to toss Jennifer out of her ring, but Jennifer is stronger and more determined than ever to not quit.  She desperately wants to prove to this masked covered bitch that she is more than eye candy!  She starts slamming her and just plain on Jennifers luscious form until she is just a curled up crying mass of sexy bikini covered broken body.  If you like watching a girl on girl , then this is the match for you!  Download LGW’s 1441-Pro Wrestler – I think NOT!! – Female Pro Wrestling

Time Limit ~ 11 min  /  Format ~ MP4

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All matches are performed by trained professional wrestlers, 18 years & older and with the full consent of all fighters