Vulcana challenged by ModestMom Alexandria Hamilton in 1438-You’re Punished Bitch! – Female Wrestling

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ModestMom Alexandria Hamilton is getting a lil big for her wrestling britches when she challenges the Luchadora Vulcana.  Now she has to put her wrestling skill where her big mouth is…does she have what it takes?  Find out in LGW’ s1438-You’re Punished Bitch – Female Wrestling.  Check it out!

1438-You’re Punished Bitch! – Female Wrestling

Vulcana vs Alexandria Hamilton

Vulcana and Alexandria meet for the first time in the ring. Vulcana may be new to the customs world, but that doesn’t stop her from being extremely confident and arrogant in her craft & prowess. She starts to verbally criticize Alexandria about her modest ring, saying she has worked in bigger & better rings against more popular and more experienced female wrestlers. Before Alexandria can get a word in, Vulcana is quick to attack, berating  her as she brings the pain to Alexandria. Stretching her out, Vulcana shows off her skills, putting Alexandria into various holds, fish hooking her mouth, using her feet to take her breath away, and doing everything in her power to humiliate and degrade poor Alexandria.  But as much pain and body brutality Vulcana hits Alexandria with, she just won’t quit.  She fights back in vain, looking for her inner bitch to beat this masked bully! Will Alexandria be able to withstand the pain, make a comeback making Vulcana tap using her sweet, thick asscheeks, or will Vulcana’s dirty tactics allow her to get the final humiliating insult on the sweet raven haired beauty?  Download LGW’s 1438-You’re Punished Bitch! – Female Wrestling

Time Limit ~ 10 min  /  Format ~ MP4

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