Vixens – Frankie vs Mandy

featuring Frankie Zappitelli vs Mandy Rose – special guest referee Jezabel Romo ~ Lucha Girls Wrestling brings you a no bull , no storyline good old fashioned female pro wrestling bout. NorCal Pro Wrestler BBW Hottie Mandy Rose ~vs~ SoCal Pro Wrestler Fabulous Frankie “the Attitude” Zappitelli. From the first lock up, these 2 voluptuous vixens go at it and give it their all. Right from the beginning you see who has good sportsmanship and who is just a hell brawler! Classic holds such as the waistlock, camel clutch, healdlocks, hammerlocks and more are used by each girl. This is an awesome 60/40 match but in the end who gets by the FU? Buy now and watch a classic no bull vixen brawl! Plus these bitches have booties from hell!  Lucha Girls Wrestling presents a voluptuous masterpiece in the form of Vixens – Frankie vs Mandy Rose, a Pro Style
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Frankie Zappitelli takes on Pro Wrestler Mandy Rose in Lucha Girls Wrestling’s Vixens – a Pro Style