Veronica Fairchild makes her Lucha Girls debut Oct 2016

Veronica Fairchild makes her Lucha Girls debut Oct 2016!!!

Get ready for Sexy and very sassy Veronica Fairchild is making her Lucha Girls Wrestling debut and is ready to prove her prowess and sassiness in our very own ring!

Veronica Fairchild is an American professional wrestler. She has worked for the promotions Global Championship Wrestling, Memphis Wrestling, USA Championship Wrestling, New Blood Championship Wrestling, Peachtree State Wrestling, World Independent Wrestling, and various other promotions, and now, for the first time ever, she will be entering the Lucha Girls Ring?  Who will she step in the ring with first?  Jezabel, the cougar?  Jennifer Thomas, the no nonsense sexy muscled grappler? The woman hating Masked Man, who just loves to beat women down?  The decision is yours, you choose whomever you want to be her opponent. You are the booker!  what we can tell you is. with such a unique smart ass yet sexy sassiness in ring attitude, this chica is not one you will soon forget!

She is available for Pro Style All Womens and Mixed Intergender Wrestling!  She is NOT available for topless/Nude wrestling, so please do not ask…..

If you love to watch wrestling with a cheeky, flippant vibe, than this sexy southern girl is the wrestler for you!  Be the booker and let Veronica bring your wrestling fantasy to reality!


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