The of Trinity

The of Trinity ~
featuring Trinity vs the Masked Man ~ Trinity has finally made it back to Lucha Girls and said she will take any match we throw her way! We, the office, decided that her first match will be against the woman hating Masked Kaos. Being the pro, she accepts this match and they meet in the ring! Kaos has no patience with female wrestlers and despises the fact that we allow them in the ring! He makes short order in letting Trinity know of this and proceeds to beat the life out of this sexy pro wrestler! He bullies and beats her all over the damn ring. He gives her a PowerBomb, slamming her, stomping, choking and stretching her body passed the normal limits!! How much abuse can one girl take in this ? Buy now and find out just how much breasticular fortitude Trinity really has!! Sit back, grab a beer and watch the of Trinity!
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