Time for a Topless Wrestling Rematch – Lucky vs Ela in 1447-Topless Tangles #2 The Rematch!

Hello Rasslin Fans!

Sassy Irish Lassie Lucky Oshea is back with titties mad bouncin’ and challenges Ela to a rematch, she wants revenge for the surprising loss she suffered at the hands of the blonde Swedish Sweetheart!  Ela is topless and ready to tangle it up again with Lucky, but who has the luck this time round?  Find out in LGWs 1447-Topless Tangles #2 – The Rematch!

1447-Topless Tangles #2 – The Rematch!

Lucky O’Shea (Crystal Clark) vs Ela Darling  

In match 2 of Topless Tangles we find a topless  Swedish Sweetheart Ela Darling in the ring bragging and boasting about her easy debut match win against veteran Sassy Irish Lassie Lucky O’Shea. Lucky climbs back in and confronts Ela demanding a rematch!  She says she was off her game before and demands a chance to win her pride back!  Watch more chaos and mayhem ensue. These girls give it their all, neck grips, hair pulling, slapping and painful stretches, scissorholds and submission moves! But who comes out on top? Does Lucky’s luck hold out or does Ela prove she is quite the worthy opponent and beat Lucky again?  Download LGWs 1447-Topless Tangles #2 – The Rematch! & find out!

Time Limit ~ 11 min  /  Format ~ MP4

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All matches are performed by trained professional wrestlers, 18 years & older and with the full consent of all fighters