Tickle Submission Wrestling

Tickle the Panther – Tickle Submission Wrestling
featuring La Panther vs Jennifer Thomas
 La Panther and Jennifer have a long history filled with hate and animosity! They come together for a final battle to determine who is the strongest most powerful wrestler. Both women are willing to fight dirty to win this bout! The match as it stands is the winner will be by submission on Jennifer’s part or the unmasking of La Panther! As the match begins, Jennifer starts to dominate and control the match….but La Panther has alot of fight left in her and puts up a good fight to keep her make in place and her identity a secret! She comes alive and the tables turn as she brutally puts Jennifer in an incapacitating hold and removes her boots and socks and proceeds to tickle a submission out of Jennifer……but is this end? Jennifer refuses to let it end this way and jumps to her feet attacking La Panther viciously from behind……she decides its time to show the world just who La Panther really is, but she she make La Panther submit,to the same ticklishly painful punishment, when the mask comes off revealing who she really is, or does she survive and walk away victoriously? Buy Tickle the Panther – Tickle Submission Wrestling and find out!
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La Panther vs Jennifer Thomas……who will be victorious?