Thats My Dress Bitch!

Thats My Dress Bitch! – Topless Bedroom Catfight

featuring Jezabel Romo vs Mutiny ~ I am ready for a hot night on the town with a hot guy!  I am happily getting ready and feeling quite confident and sexy, that is until I try to find my special “time to get lucky” dress….where in the fuck is it?  I know I put it right here in my closet!  OMG!! Where is it?  All of a sudden my party girl roommate Mutiny saunters and sashays her way in wearing my fucking dress!! What the fuck???  In her selfish nonchalant attitude she proceeds to not only tell my what an awesome time she had, but is quickly start to infuriate my latina hot temper!  How dare she just help herself to whatever is in my closet…this is war God Damnit!  Suddenly I can take no more of her careless attitude and I grab the bitch and start to try and take my dress off of her voluptuous body, exposing her big breasts, and knowing my dress is now conformed and molded to her body.  I put her in a tight squeezing scissorhold and she still doesn’t realize the severity of the situation….thats my dress bitch!  Finally the ditzy bitch gets it and realizes just how pissed I am….though it took a few shots to the head for her to catch on…..and she has the nerve to start fighting back!  and damn she is good and just as as I can be as she gives me skin buring camel toes and stinging belly slaps, but I am not done with this bitch yet, she really fucked up my night!  The fight goes back and forth with titty slaps, belly punching, choking, and alot of ass smacking and trash talking by the stupid slut and me, the girl whose night is now ruined!  I have had it, I am tired of getting overlooked and taken advantage of!  Its time to end this, by any means necessary…even if it is, choking this bitch out to make sure that I never have another night ruined by a sexy roommate again!  Download Lucha Girls Wrestlings Thats My Dress Bitch – Topless Bedroom Catfight” and watch the viciousness of 2 girls and only 1 dress!

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