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1639-Stay Between My Legs

1639-Stay Between  My Legs – Mixed Femdom Scissor Match! Brooke shows Carlos that skinny girls have strong thighs too! 1639-Stay Between My Legs! – While on vacation in Montreal, we met a

New Talent – Introducing Sexy Latina Rosa

    Greetings Lucha Girls Wrestling Fans & Friends! Have we got amazing New Talent – Introducing Sexy Latina Rosa! Sexy & Sassy ROSA will be making her debut in the Lucha Girls

1634-Jezabel Beaten – Mixed Submission

1634-Jezabel Beaten – Mixed Submission Jezabel is on her Montreal vacation and is challenged by a cocky Canadian named Carlos to a frisky “fun” match in 1634-Jezabel Beaten – Mixed Submission featuring

1626-El Cheatahs Triumph

1626-El Cheatahs Triumph  ~ a tale of a male dominated pro mixed wrestling match between a horny masked wrestler versus a mere woman wrestler Jezabel Romo vs El Cheatah 1626-El Cheatahs Triumph ~ Jezabel meets her