Stripdown Canada

Stripdown Canada – Silent Movie Style
featuring Jezabel Romo vs Mutiny ~ ***Due to a fuck up on our cameramans part, this video is a silent film, in other words no sound/audio except for the “silent film” music!*** A stripdown humiliation match was booked for Jezabel vs her Canadian nemesis Mutiny and Mutiny has the gall to show up in fucking snow boots instead of wrestling boots. Jezabel is infuriated but is ready to this Canadian Cunt! The match starts and both girls go after each other like bitches on a bone! The match starts off fairly even as both girls are pro trained and experienced in the ring, but soon Mutiny starts to take over and gets Jezabels top off! Now fighting topless, Jezabel turns up the Latina Heat and starts to dominate the match, with stomps, kicks, crotch attacks, piledrivers and Dragon Sleeper ! But does she put Mutiny out and stripped of her cute lil Canadian bathing suit or does Mutiny finish the job she started and strip Jezabel down to full sprawled nudity? One girl gets a fully exposed matchbook pin, but which girl faces the finaly pussy revealing humiliation? Buy now and watch the stripdown unfold!
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Jezabel & Mutiny standoff


Mutiny piledrives Jezabel – Ouch!!


Jezabel viciously grabs a handful of Mutiny