Stinkface Revenge

Stinkface Revenge – Multiple Stinkface Catfight
featuring Jezabel Romo vs Lucky OShea ~ Jezabel is pissed off! Lucky has been on quite the “lucky streak” and has beat and humiliated Jezabel in recent matches. But now Jezabel is ready to get her revenge! She knows that Lucky hates and is disgusted by stinkfaces, though she seems to love facesits, as proven in recent matches. But today Jezabel and her lovely large Latina ass are ready to plant the most humiliating and stinkfaces that Lucky has ever experience. Though Lucky has a few survival moments where she thinks she may once again dominate this old bitch and even gets a few stinkfaces in on Jezabel herself! But Jezabel, being an older and more experienced woman, not only dominates Lucky with a mean vengeful streak of stinkfaces, but humiliates and beats Lucky all over the ring, making the poor little redhead Irish girl scream and beg for mercy! Buy Lucha Girls WrestlingsStinkface Revenge – Multiple Stinkface Catfight” and watch poor Lucky get a faceful of big Latina ass!!!
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Jezabel attacks and humiliates Lucky with multiple stinkfaces and beats her down in Lucha Girls Stinkface Revenge!


Jezabel goes on the attack with her Lucious Latina Ass all over poor Luckys face!

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