Step Daughter Crystal meets Step Mama Jezabel in the ring! Uh Oh Crystal!

Hello Wrestling Fans,

If you love hearing about family drama, then this match is for you!  Jezabel just found out that her Step-Daughter Crystal wants to be a wrestler!  Uh oh Crystal!  Time for Step-Mommy Dearest to hit you with a bit of wrestling reality in LGW’s 1406-Family Feuds – Step-Family Fights! – Female Pro Wrestling

1406- Family Feuds – Step-family Fights

Jezabel Romo vs “Step-Daughter” Crystal Clark aka Lucky

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 Latina cougar Jezabel just found out that her lovely step-daughter Crystal (formerly Lucky OShea) has secretly been training to become a wrestler and is ready for her first match! Jezabel is pissed!! How dare this self entitled lil millennial bitch go behind her back and train to become a pro wrestler!! She secretly arranges with the Lucha Girls offices to be Crystal’s first opponent, much to Crystal’s dismay. Jezabel verbally scolds & degrades her sniffly nosed step-daughter and then proceeds to kick her ass all over the ring!! Body Slams, Multiple Piledrivers, painful stretches, punches, kicks, stomps, and more!!! Poor Crystal is embarrassed, broken and mentally in shambles after being bullied by her Step-Mommy Dearest. Then her bullying step-mama gives her the ultimate Fuck You and piledrives her just to show Crystal that she can’t handle being in the ring, maybe she should just go be a sexy pornstar!  Download LGW’s 1406 – Family Feuds – Step-Family Fights and watch all the family drama unfold in the ring!

Time Limit ~ 31min  /  Format ~ MP4

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