Spotlight on Allie Parker

 Lucha Girls Wrestling presents “Spotlight on Allie Parker!

Allie Parker started at Lucha Girls Wrestling this past year and has already made quite an impact with our Lucha Girls fans & friends.  This part German part Cherokee Indian comes to us from the bright lights, big city life of Las Vegas and already has made it thru the ranks to become one of our more sought after fighters.  She worked on the pro wrestling circuit for awhile and is quite a force to be reckoned with!  

On the Lucha Girls Man vs Woman Mixed Wrestling side, she may have more losses than wins, but she can really take the pain and is determind to fight her way thru any match we (or you) throw her way!  Check out her latest matches….


Allie battles her Teacher to get a passing grade! Does she get the coveted “A+”? 

Student vs Teacher – Mixed Crotch Bullies


Allie wants to play, but this male wrestler is all business!

Playfully Serious Wrestling – Mixed Pro Wrestling

On Lucha Girls Female Wrestling side of things, Allie has better luck at ass kicking and has done a wide variety of matches versus our various fighters!


Allie takes multiple piledrivers from an angry spurned older woman!

Piledriver Perversions 16 – Allies 1st Time!


Allie faces the ultimate humiliation of navel and nose at the hands of Lucky OShea!

My Little Piggy – Humiliation Match! Lucky vs Allie


Cougar aged Jezabel Romo is determind to break cute Lil Allie’s back and keep her out of her ring!

 Broke Back Bitch! – Pro Style Match

Get to know this Sexy & Sassy Lucha Girl and get her thoughts on wrestling, her goals, hobbies and more on Spotlight on Allie Parker.  So sit back, grab a cold beer and listen to what Ms Parker has to say!

Spotlight on Allie Parker!


Allie is one of our more popular fighters and is always available to fulfill your Pro Wrestling or Mixed Wrestling fantasy.  Be the booker & have Allie bring your dream match to reality!  Email Lucha Girls at – Subject line:  Allie P