SoCal girl vs Southern Gal in 1461-Bikini Battle of the Bells – Jezabel vs JessieBelle

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Southern gal JessieBelle travels to SoCal to meet Jezabel in the ring to determine who is the toughest Bell of the South – whether SoCal or Deep South?  Both bikini clad bitches are ready to fight it out just for you in LGW’s 1461-Bikini Battles of the Bells – Jezabel vs Jessie Belle!

1461-Bikini Battle of the Bells – Jezabel vs JessieBelle

Jezabel Romo vs Jessie Belle

Jezabel Romo is the Belle of SoCal – she knows it and she loves it!  But in her ring stands a vocal southern accent red head talking all kinds of trash!  Jezabel confronts her and meets for the first time, the modern day Mouth of the South Jessie Belle.  There is an instant disdain for each other as each claims the name and is determined to keep their version of the coveted name.  They try to outtalk each other and soon they are each determined to claim bikini brawl victory over their opponent.  As soon as the match starts Jezabel goes on the attack and starts on this sexy ginger.  Throwing her in the corner she starts  in with belly punches and midsection kicks before throwing her to the mats and slamming her head into the mat.  Jezabel wants to slam some sense into this sexy southern gal and goes for the pin.  But that doesn’t stop Jessie Belle as she fights dirtier than the south and gives Jezabel a taste of her own medicine!  Jezabel fights back just as dirty – reminding this Southern Belle bitch how a LA Latina from the barrio battles it out – she wins by any means necessary!   Both girls go back to their dirty fightin’ roots and pull out all the cheatin’ tricks, Hair pulling,  even crotch to face bronco buster and stinkfaces are implemented in this bikini clad catfight.  This match has pro wrestling style with a catfight flair as both girl bring their best and dirtiest tactics to hand a bitch quite the .  Download LGW’s 1461-Bikini Battles of the Bells – Jezabel vs Jessie Belle and watch all the bikini bitch action!

Time Limit ~ 12 min  /  Format ~ MP4

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All matches are performed by trained professional wrestlers, 18 years & older and with the full consent of all fighters

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