Slippery When Wet – Oil Wrestling

featuring Jezabel Romo vs Jennifer Thomas ~ Jezabel and Jennifer are foes who know each others strengths and weakness. They have the most matches at Lucha Girls Wrestling, as well as the longest standing feud. They have battled in matches ranging from Pro Wrestling style to Fetish Crotch Attacks and then some! Today, they meet in the somewhat slippery ring of Baby Oil Wrestling. They try their damndest to lock in body scissors, head scissors, submissions and just about anything they can lock their slippery tanned thighs around. The term Slippery When Wet just became a reality in this , hair pulling, body slipping and sliding catfight. Buy Lucha Girls Slippery When Wet – Oil Wrestling Catfight and watch the slip sliding mayhem ensue!
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Jezabel Romo and Jennifer Thomas get , and oily in this slippery scissohold brawl in Lucha Girls “Slippery When Wet – Oil Wrestling Catfight!

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