Silence of the Piledriver

Silence of the Piledriver – Mixed Pro Wrestling
featuring Jezabel Romo vs A Pissed Off Pro Wrestler 
Jezabel thinks she is hot stuff and is getting overly confident in her in ring skills. She thinks she can beat anyone and loves to boast about it. Well, she is overheard by a 20 year veteran pro wrestler and lets just say is has heard enough of her boasts! He stalks into the ring, tells her to shut the hell up and wrestle…prove herself to him! It starts out pretty evenly matched for a few minutes, then he shows her what its really like to be a pro wrestler. Lets just say he beats the hell out of her, kicking, stomping, clubbing and slamming her vulnerable back all over the ring. She tries to end the match and begs teary eyed for mercy but to no avail. This is a of a mere woman by an out of control wrestler! He finally can take no more of her moans and screams and piledrivers her in a fashion, each piledriver more than the one before. This is Silence of the Piledriver!
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