Happy New Year Lucha Girls Fans & Friends

Happy (belated) New Years Lucha Girls Fans & Friends!!

This past year has by far exceeded our expectations and goals here at Lucha Girls Wrestling!  2016 has been our best and most successful year and has motivated us for 2017.  We have got our creative juices flowing and are planning the most exciting and hard hitting year yet.  We have new talent and new adventures happening!  Check it out!

New talent ready to kick ass just for you is:

We are excited to announce that Jezabel Romo (Alacrana Plata) and Masked Man (Mano Roja) in the opening act Luchafer, hitting the road again with alternative rock band Puscifer as they go down under to Australia in the Money $hot Down Under tour from Jan 16-31, 2017

here is a sample of this amazing band, Puscifer with Luchafer