Sexy Men are back in 1442-Battle of the Man Bods – Raul vs Dominic

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Tonight we bring you the best in Mens Pro Wrestling when Dominic Kubrick meets his idol Raul Suave in the ring.  He can’t wait to wrestle the man he has always looked up to and hopes to not only wrestle him but beat him down.  Smooth Raul Suave has other plans for this young pretty boy in LGW’s 1442-Battle of the Man Bods 6 – Raul vs Dominic

1442-Battle of the Man Bods 6 – Raul vs Dominic

Dominic Kubrick vs Raul Suave

Dominic Kubrick sees the world through his own sensual tinted glasses.  He has always looked up to smooth talking Raul Suave and his dream is not only to be meet Raul in the ring,but to beat him.  He is in the ring and psyching himself out when in storms Raul Suave.  No pleasantries are exchanged, this match starts off brutally hot from beginning to end.  Dominic can’t seem to get his bearings at first and Raul starts to pummel his ass allover the ring!  Poor Dominic doesn’t know what hits him!  Raul is fierce in his attack.  He gives no mercy to Dominic, almost seems like he is in a frenzied out of control mindset.  He taunts Dominic, calling him a little bitch for not being able to take the pain and fight back.  But it seems that this is all Dominic needs to hear to bring the perverse pain seeking pleasure out of him.  He starts to fight back, finding a joy in causing and receiving the pain that only the ring can bring.  They go back in forth in brutality until one takes over and domiinates the other , him into submission with brute force and a power bomb!  This match is hot right from the start!  You won’t want miss this battle between 2 hot sexy muscular men in tiny trunks!   Download LGW’s 1442-Battle of the Man Bods 6 – Raul vs Dominic now and watch all the testosterone filled action!

Time Limit ~ 7 min  /  Format ~ MP4

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All matches are performed by trained professional wrestlers, 18 years & older and with the full consent of all fighters