Sexy mamacitas meet in the ring in 1420-Battle of the Luscious Latinas

Hello Wrestling Fans,

On todays wrestling menu, we have 2 feisty latinas – AEW’s Thunder Rosa and Jezabel Romo – ready to wrestle and wreck havoc on each other in LGW’s 1420-Battle of the Luscious Latinas – Female Pro Wrestling.  Check it out!

1420-Battle of the Luscious Latinas – Female Pro Wrestling

Thunder Rosa vs Jezabel Romo

Whenever you get 2 spicy latinas in the ring, you know there is going to be alot of trash talking and tempers soaring!  And it’s no different when you get AEW’s Thunder Rosa in the ring with the Boss Bitch of Lucha Girls Jezabel Romo.  After a bit of heated insults, the hair starts flying and these bitches start fighting!  This match is a bit of pro wrestling and a dash of street smart fighting, but then when you get 2 sexy latinas together, why do you expect?  Soon Rosa outwrestles the veteran and starts to apply body bending holds and submissions, but Jezabel uses her street smarts and “win by any means necessary” tactics to maneuver herself out.  But Rosa stays on her, taking Jezabel down, in more ways than one as Jezabels screams in pain from a camel toe mishap!  Rosa takes full advantage and starts head butting Jezabel in the crotch!  This match is hot, spicy and quite sassy!  If you love watching sweet mexican girls turn into Hot Tempered hellcats then LGW’s 1420-Battle of the Luscious Latinas is just for you!

Time Limit ~ 9 min  /  Format ~ MP4

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All matches fully scripted and are performed by trained professionals, 18 years & older and with the full consent of all fighters