Attention all fans of Lucha Girls wrestling: Are you man enough to accept our challenge? That’s right, Lucha Girls challenges you, the fan, to step in the ring with one of our athletic beauties for a private session match! What is a session match you ask? Allow us to lay it all out for you.

Session matches are matches that take place at a secure location where privacy and discretion are assured. Customers get to pick from our group of talented ladies for a session lasting 30 minutes or an hour. To ensure the safety of our girls, we offer fantasy matches and semi-competitive matches where a no strike rule is strictly enforced.

Fantasy matches involve the acting out of a specific fantasy the client may have. This may include specific holds, attire, locations or roleplaying(full nudity is not available). The client typically makes no effort to win the match. Opponents are in this to explore their fantasy, and our girls will make sure to provide you with an enjoyable experience you won’t soon forget!

Semi-competitive matches allow the client to provide some resistance, but not to take enough initiative to try to win the match. Our girls may also “wrestle down” to the level of the client to make the match more interesting. The physical contact and holds are more important than who wins the match, and you get to write the script of how it all plays out!

Pick your girl, pick your style, and step up to the plate! Rules and location are negotiated in advance, so start planning your session match and contact Lucha Girls today!