Self Isolation Sale – Be the Booker of your very own Match feat Jezabel and Masked Man!!!

Hello Worldwide Wrestling Fans!

Lets just all admit – the world is turning into a fucking scary place right now. The COVID-19 Pandemic is a real and frightening threat that is not only shutting down the wrestling industry, it is shutting down the world. We are all self quarantined/isolating ourselves and doing our damndest to stay safe and healthy while the World Health Organization looks for a cure or at least to control the outbreak.

But in the meantime, wrestlers need to make a living without endangering ourselves and the lovers of customs wrestling need to be entertained while we go through all this depressing shit!

Though we are not booking any pubic wrestling shoots (that would just be downright irresponsible), we can safely still take in script requests and bring your Mixed Wrestling match to an entertaining reality!

Starting at $100 for 5 min

or $150 for 10 min


Lucha Girls owner Jezabel Romo and your favorite male wrestler Masked Man are still able to accept match requests and are ready to wrestle for you!


What type of match do you love to watch? Male/Female Dom!nation? Piledriver Beat Downs? Stripdown? We can do it all – no actual sex acts, so don’t even ask! There are some things I like to keep private…LOL!