Saucy Aussie challenges Ruby The Chingona Raze to a fight in 1413-Challengin a Chingona

Hello Beautiful People,

Todays match features indy pro wrestling stars Ruby “The Chingona” Raze versus the Sassy Saucy Aussie in a damn near one sided .  This is one match you don’t want to miss as Ruby pretty much annihilates our sexy lil redhead from Down Under in LGW”s 1413-Challening a Chingona – Female Pro Wrestling!

1413-Challenging a Chingona – Female Pro Wrestling

Saucy Aussie vs Ruby “The Chingona” Raze

What happens when a sassy redhead meets a luscious Latina in the ring? That’s just what we are here to witness in this evenings battle of the babes at Lucha Girls Wrestling!  Our saucy Aussie looks sexy, sassy and all smiles when she saunters into the ring.  But I don’t think she realizes that her opponent is none other than the head Chingona herself, Ruby Raze!  Both women are known throughout the indy wrestling circuit as fierce asskickers, but now they meet and are ready to battle it out Lucha Girls style!  Our lil Aussie is excited about this bout, while bad-tempered Ruby the Chingona is all about this lil redhead down and making her really feel the pain! The match starts and Saucy Aussie is just too sassy for Rubys taste and doesn’t quite seem to take this match too seriously.  Suddenly Saucy Aussie starts to light Ruby up with a series of chops to the chest and even a couple of dropkicks to weaken Ruby.  But all it seems to do is infuriate her more and more.  Saucy Aussie states that Ruby may be bigger and stronger than her, but she is not going to give up.  But now, she has brought out the ultimate heel in Ruby.  Saucy Aussie is now the victim to a one sided body beat down and Ruby is just the Chingona to inflict the pain!  Body blows, slams, and getting fucking ragdolled all over the damn ring…this match is almost painful to watch if you love this sassy redheaded Saucy Aussie! As the match progresses her sass soon turns into screams and moans of pain.  How much brutality can our petite damsel take?  Find out in LGW’s 1413-Challenging a Chingona – Female Pro Wrestling.

Time Limit ~ 21 min  /  Format ~ MP4

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