Sassy Latina Rosa is back and Jen T is NOT happy in 1428-Latina Barbie Beat Down!

Greetings Wrestling Fans!

Rosa is back and is one happy sassy Señorita as she claims to be the new Latina Barbie!  Jennifer Thomas hates barbies with a passion and decides its time to play with this new Barbie in LGW’s 1428-Latina Barbie Beat Down – Female Pro Wrestling!

1428-Latina Barbie Beat Down – Female Pro Wrestling

Jennifer Thomas vs Thunder Rosa

Spicy Latina Thunder Rosa is in the ring and seems to be one happy sassy señorita!  She is on top of her game and proclaims herself the new Mexican Barbie!  I mean this is better than a fucking taco on Tuesday!  But soon her happy place is shattered by the no nonsense muscular beauty known as the Barbie Crusher…none other than the beautifully powerful Jennifer Thomas.  She hates perky girls of a lesser age with a passion!  I mean she really hates everything about them…their perkiness, sassiness and cute toned bodies!  She just saunters right in and literally crushes poor Rosa’s happy day!  But she doesn’t want to just crush her spirit, she wants to crush her body and soul!  But what’s worse, this mean girl Jennifer, just wants to make this little Barbie cry in agony!  No Barbie should be crushed, but this is one beat down you won’t want to miss. Jennfier (wo)manhandles and plays pretty rough with her little Barbie. Kicking her, punching her, pulling on her silky Barbie hair and just wants to break her new toy!  Jennifer is ruthless with back breakers, body stretches and just mentally and physically breaking our luscious Latina Barbie!  Rosa can do nothing but try to survive Jennifer’s muscular supremacy as she cries and screams in english and spanish.  If you love a mean girl with a new toy, then this is the match for you!  Download LGW’s 1428-Latina Barbie Beat Down – Female Pro Wrestling and watch all the hot spicy action!

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