Sarah Rebel takes offense that Carmen Valentina doesn’t know who she is….uh oh Carmen!

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What happens when you pit a pro wrestler against a porn star?  Instant mutual dislike is what!  Sultry Carmen Valentina goes up against no nonsense Sarah Rebel who takes offense that Carmen doesn’t know her instantly and challenges our ballsy adult entertainer to a Loser Gets Spanked match in LGW’s 1421-Don’t You Know Me Bitch? – Bikini Wrestling

1421-Don’t You Know Me…Bitch – Loser Spanked Bikini Catfight

Carmen Valentina vs Sarah Rebel

Carmen is in the ring, daydreaming and self admiring her greatness when in walks Pro Wrestler Sarah Rebel.  She openly laughs at sultry porn star Carmen saying in this ring, she is a nobody, while Sarah on the other hand is quite well known in this very ring as this is the ring where she got her professional wrestling training.  Both girls can’t stand each other on sight and decide to have a match…..a Loser gets Spanked match!  Sarah knows she can easily out wrestle Carmen, but is she as adept in bikini catfight wrestling….well we shall see, won’t we?  The match starts with Sarah easily overpowering Carmen and putting her in a head gripping headlock, but Carmen fights dirty when she has to and suddenly pulls Sarah’s hair making her release the headlock.  They fight back and forth with Sarah reigning supreme over Carmen and then she decides, “Fuck it, why wait to spank this bitch until the end of the match” and starts spanking her thong bikini clad cute perky little ass.  Poor Carmen can just try to defend herself and cry out when it gets too .  Then Sarah decides to fight her in the catfight style and starts scissoring Carmen’s lithe body.  But Carmen just won’t back down, she is a true survivor!  Sarah is just having too much fun and berating the “fetish girl” Carmen.  She has definitely found her inner bitch side, as Carmen repeatedly tells her.  Carmen soon finds her inner bitch and starts to attack Sarah and throw her around the ring, giving Sarah a taste of her own medicine.  But its not that easy to beat a bitch like Sarah, she is determined to beat the porn girl senseless and give her a ass smacking spanking!  Along, of course with applying some body bending pro style submissions to Carmens toned bikini clad body.  But true to Lucha Girls form, there can only be one winner and one loser bent over the turnbuckle for a stinging ass reddening spanking!  Download LGW’s 1421-Don’t You Know Me Bitch? – Loser Gets Spanked Catfight and watch all the hot sexy action!

Time Limit ~ 13 min  /  Format ~ MP4-HD

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All matches fully scripted and are performed by trained professionals, 18 years & older and with the full consent of all fighters