Roommate Wars – Stripdown Catfight

featuring Older Woman Jezabel Romo vs Younger Woman Lucky OShea ~ Jezabel is doing yoga and loving her brand new bathing suit….she has been trying hard to eat right and get in shape for summer. In walks her younger and in shape roommate Lucky, eating a bag of chips. She starts to bully the older woman, stating at her age, she will never be able to get in shape! Jezabel tries to stand up for herself with wavering confidence. Shortly after, Lucky just straight out bullies her and yanks Jezabel by the hair and proceeds to beat and dominate the chubby little cougar. She , stomps, pussy kicks, painfully scissorholds & belly punches her, but the humiliation isnt over yet as Lucky then decides to facesit Jezabel while still eating her chips! Jezabel finds out that Lucky doesn’t even have the class to wear panties and is giving her a full on pussy squishing, smothering facesit! But the humiliation and femdom bullying doesn’t end there… she leaves Jezabel on the floor and for the final insult, decides she likes the bathing suit for herself and literally strips the bikini off of poor Jezabels body leaving her naked and vulnerable! Buy Lucha Girls “Roommate Wars – Stripdown Catfight” and witness Lucky devastating insult to her poor roommate Jezabel.
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Older Woman Jezabel and her younger roommate Lucky battle it out with scissorholds, crotch attacks and even pantyless facesits in Lucha Girls Roommate Wars – Stripdown Catfight!

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