Rock Paper Stinkface!

Rock Paper Stinkface! Jezabel, Lucky & Allie!
featuring Jezabel Romo, Lucky OShea and Allie Parker – One day after a grueling schedule at Lucha Girls Wrestling, the girls decide to unwind and have a little schoogirl fun! Let’s play Rock Paper Scissors! But being the “Mean Girls” like bullies, Jezabel and Lucky sort of gang up on poor innocent Allie and when she loses the contest, they stinkface their poor victim….but its all in fun right? The game continues and each girl receives the coveted stinkface, but all of sudden Lucky and Allie seem to form an alliance and give poor older woman Jezabel the Ultimate Messy Stinkface!!! Buy Rock Paper Stinkface and watch the girly bullying playout!  
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Its all antics and good natured bullying with Allie, Jezabel & Lucky in Rock Paper Stinkface!

Allie, Jezabel and Lucky are all pro trained wrestlers and are ready to fulfill all of your pro wrestling fantasies!  Here is your chance to be the Lucha Girls Booker and tell us the match you want to bring to reality!  Email – All are available for Catfight, Mixed Wrestling, Pro Style and Fetish/Fantasy wrestling.