Ready Set Action! – June 20 – Book Your Match!

Hello Beautiful People!

We are shooting again and this time we have 5 sexy chicas to you to choose from. Get your creative juices flowing and submit your scripts for our June 20 Las Vegas Shoot!!

Fighters available are: JEZABEL ROMO, CRYSTAL CLARK, JENNIFER THOMAS, CARMEN VALENTINA & JOLENE HEXX! These ladies are seasoned fighters and ready to fulfill your fighting fantasies – whether wrestling, boxing or just going toe to toe and tit to tit! They are ready to rock!

Email Scripts to

Pick your fighter, pick the gear and pick the match you want. Its that simple – tell us your fantasy and we will produce it for you!

Matches starting at $100 for 5 min

Thats right! Matches are starting at $100 for a 5min match – what a great fucking deal!!! The rates may be higher, depending on script content, length and requests.

This shoot we are leaving the ring and hitting the mats – its all about catfighting & street style chick fights!!!

Matches will take place on Monday June 22, 2022 and you will receive an emailed download within 3 business days.